In coming future

where would u like to see yourself in coming future?

ofcourse u r enjoying ur life
becoz u don't have any pain now
u r simply relaxing
u r just doing time pass
u don't have any thoughts
u don't have any plans
u don't have any goals
so u r just enjoying.

But remember

"Take care when you choose what to say."
For once your words are spoken,
They cannot be recalled. 

"Take care when you choose
What to do with your time."
Time passes quickly no matter what you do,
So your best option is to make the very most of it. 

"Take care when setting the goals you will follow,
And choose those that are truly yours."
You're far more likely to attain those goals
That have real meaning and are in line
With your own special purpose.. 

"Planning is bringing the future into the present"
so that you can do something about it now.

Dream what u want to dream
go where u want to go
be what u want to be
"becoz V have only one life
and one chance."Thats it.

Take a look at our artists views on future city’s, very impressive and some are already in the making.
Gazprom City: the future, rather evocatively named St. Petersburg headquarters for Russian energy giant Gazprom, currently the subject of a high-profile design competition.
This new “city,” however, will just be a cluster of high-tech administrative buildings, although the main tower “is to rise at least 300 meters (985 feet) into the sky and symbolize the growing power of the firm. It is also to be situated just opposite the famed 18th century Smolny Cathedral on the Neva River in historic St. Petersburg.”
This location has proved rather controversial.

Because Gazprom City “is part of a longer range plan by Russian President Vladimir Putin to boost the prestige of his home city,” however, it seems unlikely that the project will be held back. This, after all, may be St. Petersburg’s newest architectural moment: “Much of the development that has occurred in recent years has benefited Moscow, whereas St. Petersburg has seen little change. Only recently, with the celebration of the city’s 300th birthday in 2003, did the city begin awakening from its centuries-long sleep. But even as high-tech projects and a new theater designed by Sir Norman Foster have gone ahead, major changes to the city center, with its numerous UNESCO-protected royal residences and palaces, are considered taboo.”
You have seen Russia’s, now let’s take a look at others:
As I have said before these are artists interpretations, will any of our city’s look this way is quite undecided…





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