Cracked Heels Solution

Cracked heels or fissure heels are an extremely 

common skin condition and ironically very few 

people are worried about them, unless they are 

painful. This is probably because we assume 

that no one is going to check our heels. 

Cracked heels are not only caused by negligence 

but these may occur as a result of over 

exposure to dry environment or deteriorated 

generalized body health. What so ever is the 

cause, only a little care on daily basis can 

give you soft and supple heels that will 

enhance your beauty. Here are a few tips and 

remedies to treat cracked heels fast and 


Remove the Dead Skin

The first step is to remove the dead skin; this 

could be done in multiple ways. You can use 

pumice stone or a foot scrub. Rub it vigorously 

against the feet to exfoliate any dead skin and 

make them smooth. You can get a wide range of 

commercially available foot scrubs; however an 

easy and cheap solution is to use a home made 

foot scrub. Two easy recipes are;

Take some ordinary table salt and add few drops 

of any oil. Use this to scrub your feet.

Another option is to use crushed strawberries. 

Just add some oil (any massage oil will work) 

and massage this mixture over fissured skin. 

Now leave it for 10-15 minutes than rinse well.
Moisturize them generously

The most important part of foot care is to 

moisturize them regularly. There is a long list 

of natural products that work really 

magnificently when applied diligently and 


Any hydrogenated oil can work wonderfully. Just 

apply twice a day.

Paraffin wax can be melted and used to fill the 

cracks, just leave for an hour or two and it 

will heal even the worst cracked skin after a 

few applications. You can also add small amount 

of any massage oil to make it easily 


Another well known home remedy for cracked 

heels is a mixture of rose water with glycerin. 

However, it works only for mild cases.

Shea butter has been used as a natural 

treatment for dry skin and cracked heels in 

different parts of the world for a very long 

time. It can work even for severely damaged 






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