Bridal Beauty Tips

Bridal beautyPlease, please have a trial 

makeup/hairstyle session before your 

wedding.Learn to pose for the camera and smile 

confidently.Start doing this minimum 2 months 

before your wedding.No beauty treatment will 

work if you don’t drink enough water or you are 

highly stressed.Remember to choose y...our 

wedding makeup/hair style so that it looks good 

in photos too.

Drink 10 glasses of water everyday

• Eat 3-4 oranges every day. This will give you 

your daily doze of vitamin C essential for 

healthy skin

• Cleanse, Tone and moisturize once in the 

morning and once at night

• Apply sunscreen of spf 15 or higher everyday 

20 minutes before getting out in the sun

• Carry an umbrella and use it as a sunshade

• Exfoliate twice a week followed by face mask 

suited to your skin tone

• If you can afford going to the beauty parlor, 

get a facial done once a month

• Apply ubtan twice a week

• Do some kind of exercise 20 minutes everyday

• Keep stress level at minimum, You stress and 

your skin will have acne and blackheads

• Get your last facial done 4-5 days before 

your wedding day

Hair care tips

• Do the hot oil treatment twice a week

• Apply henna to your scalp thrice a month

• If you can afford going to the parlor, get a 

hot oil massage to your head

Body Care tips

• Moisturize your entire body to keep it soft

• Apply sunscreen to all exposed body parts

• If you are planning on bleaching your face, 

your neck and back too to get the same even 

skin tone

• Apply ubtan twice a week to your body

Makeup tips

• Don’t apply too much of makeup for your 

wedding. Keep it natural and safe.

• Indian brides generally stick to red/brown 

lipstick, peach eye shadow and blush.

• For night time functions, add a bit of 

shimmer to your makeup

• Get a trial makeup and hair session before 

the D day. Click a photo of this and make sure 

the makeup and hair style you chose looks good 

in photos too

• Apply foundation that perfectly matches your 

skin tone. Dab a bit of foundation and powder 

to your neck back and hands too.

• Use water proof makeup.

• The makeup you choose should have a matte 

finish and should not look greasy or dry.

• Practice posing for the photos. Your smile 

should look natural .

• On the day of the wedding, apply a good 

deodorant/mild perfume.





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