Surface Computing

Surface Computing

Milan or The Surface is a Multi Touch Surface Computer from Microsoft. Just see the images below to know what is it all about…It's just amazing!!!

Mark Bolger, director of marketing for Microsoft's surface computing effort, shows off the company's new "Milan" at a briefing in San Francisco. The tabletop computer, for which Microsoft has created both the hardware and the software, is entirely driven by touch--there is no mouse or keyboard.

To paint, people can pick up a brush or just dip their fingers in virtual paint cups, as Bolger is doing here.

For now, Microsoft is focusing on getting the products into public spaces in the hospitality arena--hotel lobbies, restaurants and casinos, to name a few. Customers will be able to touch the computer's surface to order food and drinks.

Milan can function as a public jukebox, as well. Consumers can add their own music selections to the public playlist with the touch of a finger. Five infrared cameras sense fingers or other objects that touch the surface, while a DLP projector turned on its side generates the screen image people see.

Photos can be easily sorted and shared on the tabletop computer. To resize a photo, users stretch two fingers apart. Pivot the fingers and the photo rotates. More than one person can interact with the computer at a time.

Milan, five years in the making, is the first of what Microsoft hopes will be a long line of "surface computers." It has a price tag approaching $10,000, not exactly consumer-friendly just yet.

A sample application on Milan lets users get directions or find destinations of interest.

Milan's touch-screen capabilities present all sorts of possibilities for visual effects.

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