Dry Skin Care Secrets

*Avoid contact with detergents as far as possible.

* Do not use soaps to clean your skin.

* Use a cleansing cream or milk to clean your face.

* To not rub your skin rigorously. Be gentle on your skin 

especially on areas like your lips and eyes.

* Splash water on your face, whenever you get the 


* Use oil based lotions to nourish your skin.

* Instead of ordinary make-up removers, pour a little oil in a 

cotton pad and use that.

* Do not use any toner since this will stretch the skin further.

* A moisturizer is a must. Use a lanolin based moisturizer to 

help retain your skin’s natural moisture content.
* Use a night cream before going to sleep.

* Stay away from direct exposure to sun and wind as far as

 practicable. Use a sunscreen before venturing out in the sun. 

Protect your eyes with sunglasses.





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