I Love You More Than Love

I Love You More Than Love

It is impossible to capture in words 
the feelings I have for you
I now have the strongest feelings 
that I have ever had about anyone
Yet, when I try to tell you them 
or try to write them down for you

The words do not even begin to touch 
the depths of my feelings for you
And though I cannot explain 
the essence of these phenomenally feelings
I can tell you what I feel like 
when I am with you...

When I am with you it is as if: 
I were a bird 
Flying freely in the clear blue sky
I were a flower
Opening up my petals of life 

When I am with you it is as if:
I were the waves of the sea
Crashing strongly against the shore
I were the rainbow after the storm
Proudly showing my colors so pure and vividly

When I am with you it is as if
Everything that's beautiful

surrounds us...

This is just a small part 
of how wonderful I feel when I am with you
the word "Love" was invented 
to explain the deep heart felt 
all-encompassing feelings we feel and enjoy

But, somehow, it is not strong enough 
Yet, since it is the BEST word there is
Let me tell YOU a thousand times that 
I Love YOU more than LOVE!!!!





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