Most Beautiful Places in North America

In your life, what places do you consider beautiful? Are you into touring locations that have the best flowers, trees, and landscapes nature has to offer? Do you consider evening lights as an attraction that takes your breath away? Whatever it is that you find favorable in your eyes, you are sure to see the magnificent sights and sounds that North America has to offer. 

10. Savannah, Georgia

Known as a place where Forrest Gump sat and thought of life, Savannah, Georgia has that wonderful display of nature and man-made sculpture found in its lush green parks, serene gardens, and historical structures. Pulaski Square and Chippewa Square are a few of the locations here that are great for gatherings, picnics, or just relaxing your mind with the calmness of nature in the city.

9. Walt Disney World, Florida

Kids of all generations have dreamed of seeing Cinderella Castle and its majestic display of lights with fireworks at the wave of the evening sky. The Walt Disney World located in Orlando, Florida is a great place to spend some time with family and friends, with the large selection of attractions, rides, and resorts included in one area.

8. Na Pali Coast, Hawaii

Just staring at the ridges of the mountains, colored and brushed with the lights of the sky, is more than a wonderful sight to see. Experiencing that stay in Na Pali Coast offers that special intimate time with the waves of the sea, and the cultural array of Hawaiian splendor.

7. Golden Gate Bridge, California

One of the most beautiful places in America is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. Who would ever miss this amazing structural feat, created and made with superior engineering skill and talent? With a bridge that spans about 3 miles and two towers that are 750 feet each, every bolt and nut affixed and every cable connecting to one end of the tower to the bridge is considered a work of modern art.

6. Las Vegas, Nevada

When you mention about casinos, bright lights, pay per view events, and night clubs, people from all over the world would have the same place in their minds that cannot be compared to anything else. Las Vegas has its beauty displayed in the darkness of night, where its lights show the luster of this, once barren place. Beautiful is the description of this place because of sceneries not to be seen just about anywhere. Have you ever seen the Eiffel Tower, the Sphinx of Giza, and Statue of Liberty, all in one spot?

5. Yellowstone Park, Wyoming

If you are seeking to view the vast offering of what nature has to give, then going to the Yellowstone park is the best place to be. With a large area span of 2,219,789 acres including the Yellowstone Lake, 300 geysers, 290 waterfalls, 308 lower falls, and the world's largest Petrified Forest, visitors can look at the various shades and beauty of the outdoors. Not to mention that there are also bison, elks, moose, bears, 67 mammal species, 322 birds, and 16 species of fish that take this park as a giant wild playground.

4. Mount Washington, Pennsylvania

Most cities are busy and crowded at day, appreciating only the physical and the obvious aspect of structural art, the view of the city atop Mount Washington can only be appreciated at night. As what Allegheny and Monongahela rivers enhance the beauty of the city by day, an even more lustrous sight is arrayed at the rise of the evening sky. City lights reflecting on the rivers make this place a shining gem in the dark.

3. Clingmans Dome, Tennessee

There are some individuals that enjoy the sight of a foggy wilderness at the break of dawn. Such sights are accessible to hikers, and nature lovers as they stand atop the Clingmans Dome, located at one of the highest points on the Smokey Mountains National Park.

2. Mississippi River, Illinois

The perfect view of a river can be seen in these parts, specially at the upper part of the Mississippi River where the waters frolic with the shining rays of the sun and the presence of trees, flowers, and other plants on the riverbanks. The breeze created thereon, plus, the serene scene of the flowing waters make up the flawless look of summer.

1. Red Rock Country, Arizona

Nature has never been astounding in these parts, particularly when staring at the canyons, the mountains, and the jagged formations made by a long history of natural land development. The red and mahogany colors of the rocks provide a deeper sense of awe in these parts.[source]





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