I Just Cant Go On

I promise I'd never deny myself the chance
To feel the warmth of love
And its sweet romance
And I promised I would never find myself the way
Hurt by love

So tell me what this is all about?
Your sudden change and sudden doubt
Bay I gave you everything I had
Everything you asked of me and more, and more
And there are sometimes, maybe often times I sit here all alone

Wishing you were home with me
And there's sometimes, often in my mind

I wish you'd stay away
Cause I can't take the pain you bring me sometimes

You told me that you'd never loved this way before
And that nobody every gave you what you were looking for
And you told me that no one would ever take my place
Beside you, here beside you

So tell me what this love's all about
Cause your changing ways I could do without

I should have known
That this just wouldn't be forever

I feel sometimes I just don't give a damn about it
And I feel that I just can't go on





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