Love Letter

I can't stop thinking about you.
You're always on my mind
like a favorite song.
And I want to express how
much I love you,
but how can I begin
to tell you how much joy
you've brought to my life?
Every time I think about you
or hear your voice,
I feel like a spark of life
has been rekindled inside me,
and suddenly I'm rediscovering
myself and the world around me.
I never realized that the
stars sparkled so brightly
or that that sunset held so
much beauty.
I never knew that I had
so much beauty within...
a beauty that was born
the day we met and grows
like a wild vine,
entwining my heart to yours.
You've awoken something
grand inside of me,
which I never want to part with.
I don't know what
the future holds,
but I can promise you
that I will give you
every ounce of love that
this heart possesses
to the very last breath
of my being.





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