How To Get Fair Skin Naturally

Men and Women constantly try to enhance their 

complexion by using various skin products 

available in the market. While the costs of 

such products are prohibitively high the 

results are far from satisfactory. Here are a 

few tips to improve your complexion and get a 

fair and smooth skin by using natural products 

and therapy.

* Wash your face and neck with cold and soft 

water every three hours without using any soap.

* Take cold water bath twice a day in the 

morning and evening.

* Vigorously rub a few drops of gingili oil 

with cold water till it becomes a white 

substance and then apply the same on your face 

and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and then take 

bath or wash your face.

* Grind tender neem leaves into a smooth paste 

and apply the same on your face and leave it 

for 15 minutes and wash your face with soft 


* Applying unpeeled green gram flour on the 

face and body as a substitute for soaps

 regularly at least for three months will turn 

your complexion smooth and fair besides keeping 

the body cool.

* Applying fresh lemon juice on the face will 

not only remove scars and black spots but also 

enhances the complexion and makes the skin 


* Prepare a paste of sandal wood by grinding on 

a grinding stone and use it regularly on the

 face and neck. After applying allow it to dry 

and wash your face after a few hours for a

 glowing complexion and pleasant odor 

throughout the day.

* Use of home made turmeric paste also improves 

the quality of skin.

* For a brighter skin apply coconut milk or two

 days old curd on the face regularly for 30

 days continuously.

All the above tips are both remedies and 

preventive care in protecting the skin as well

 as enhancing the complexion in a natural way.





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