AMAZING Homes in Australia

We are all becoming more energy conscious and working hard to reduce our carbon footprint, and while all new homes in Australia must meet a five star energy rating, there are some homes which go well beyond five stars and do it in style.
Glenburn House

Glenburn House has been built in a Victorian hillside and has been specially designed to be easy to heat in winter and easy to keep cool in summer. Glenburn House integrates eco-friendly technologies into the home, for example the property uses solar panels to generate electricity and heat the water.
St Andrews Beach House
St Andrews Beach House is isolated, well appointed, modern and unique – everything you could want in a home. And of course the home offers unobstructed views out into the Southern Ocean.
North Carlton Green House
The owners of this beautiful Australian house wanted to feel connected to the landscape and the sun and so have integrated plants and even a rooftop garden into the design. The rooftop garden helps to insulate the rooms below from the sun.

Cape Schanck House

Cape Schanck House looks like a work of art. The house is very exposed to the elements and so has been integrated into its environment, and cleverly designed to be cooled. Large wind scoops on the southern side of the home trap cool breezes and provide shade.
Surf Coast House
If you are looking for inspiration for a modern Australian home, the Surf Coast House is the embodiment of your modern imaginings. The building pushes the boundaries of unique design and uses striking wooden cladding to make the house feel like a home.
Pre-built Mod House
When everyone is demanding something unique, one-off, bespoke designed or one of a kind, you may be surprised to see a pre-fabricated Australian home on the list. These sorts of kit homes are not only very affordable but they have a modern, simple look which you can easily make your own.
Caulfield Solar House
Caulfield Solar House has used high ceilings not only as a designer feature, but also as part of their larger plan for an environmentally friendly Australian home. The home is oriented north to keep out hot summer sun, but let in warm winter rays. There are underground heating and rainwater collection systems.
Kylie Minogue
Yes, she’s gorgeous, stylish and modern so you wouldn’t expect anything less from the home of this Australian superstar. The residence has had solar and wind power installations added, as well as organic fruit and vegetable gardens.
Olivia Newton-John
Newton-John actually owns a spa retreat which you can stay in to refresh in the beachside atmosphere, enjoying the tropical gardens and views into the New South Wales hills. You can be pampered and massaged and revitalized in the modern, oriental-inspired rooms.
Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe’s holiday house is a ranch in New South Wales, which Crowe is defensively secretive about. When he married Danielle Spencer in 2003, we all got a glimpse into his private life as the wedding took place in a specially built chapel on the property – how romantic!





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